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How you can find us


You can reach us from the university bus stop by walking left past the large tower of the collection building, through the entrance to the collection building and then going down the stairs to the left into the cafeteria. From there you go through the revolving door into the building's inner courtyard. There turn right and go past the fountain sculpture through the double doors. You are now standing in front of lecture hall H12. There go left and through the glass doors. There you go to the right and go straight through two more glass doors. From there a staircase goes up. Now go through the glass door in front of you on the right and then down the stairs. From there please follow the signs. The RLCR office is down the hallway on the right. There is a corresponding sign on the door.

Route Description


Alternatively, you can also use the University of Regensburg's navigation app.

UR Walking App Icon.png

In addition, the navigation function is also available to you via a browser application.

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