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Welcome to the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg!

Our initiative is passionate about supporting those seeking protection in legal matters. Our aim is to give people in difficult life situations a voice and to give them access to fair legal advice. As a voluntary organization, we rely on the valuable voluntary work of members of society.

We are characterized by a strong team, empathy and shared solution finding. As a member of the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg, you take on a key role in handling cases from real clients. You will be assigned to a case together with two other committed people and will then work with your client and help him clarify his case. A large part of the work is the research, where you collect all the important information. Together you will research various possible solutions and develop well-founded legal assessments. You not only benefit from your team members, but also from the regular team meetings in which the members of the RLC Regensburg come together, present their cases and clarify open questions. In addition, experienced lawyers and lawyers are available to provide you with advice and support, so you are never on your own in your work.

Our areas of activity are diverse and also include agreements with authorities, lawyers and courts. You will become part of a committed network that advocates for the rights of those seeking protection and actively works to bring about positive change. Your commitment to the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg is as flexible as you want it to be. Depending on your personal possibilities and time resources, you can get involved more or less. We value any form of support and are convinced that acting together can make a meaningful difference.

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We need your help!

We are always looking for new employees for a wide range of tasks. No matter whether you are interpreting paragraphs or 19th century literature, designing apps or lessons, or worrying about the finances of a company or people's health, everyone will find a task with us. Of course, our obvious focus is on advising our clients and promoting the situation of asylum seekers in Germany. But for this to work, we have many other tasks to complete: The homepage needs to be designed and maintained, as do our social media profiles. Public lectures and events must be planned and carried out. Information materials must be designed, printed and distributed. So there is something for everyone to get involved and develop further. Of course, you can also contribute your own ideas and perhaps create a completely new area of responsibility that others can then work on.



One of our main concerns is that our employees can take something with them for the future from their commitment to the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg. First of all, this includes the practical experience that you automatically gain during your time with us. Our work educates you on how to deal with people, other cultures and in a team. We also organize training and further education seminars in various areas every semester, not just legal ones. These include, for example, journalistic workshops, introductions to graphic design and much more. Confirmations can usually also be issued about these offers, which you can then present when applying or something similar.


We are very pleased that you want to get involved with us! Just write us a short email and introduce yourself. You are welcome to ask us any questions that are still open. We will respond to all messages promptly.

Training and preparation

Interested? – How you can get involved

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