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Bundesverwaltungsgericht Leipzig

Legal Advice

On this page we inform you about our legal advice and offers of help.

We, the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg (RLCR), offer free counselling and help for people who have fled their home countries and are seeking protection in Germany. The Refugee Law Clinic supports these people if they have problems in legal areas related to their stay in Germany. For example, if they have difficulties applying for asylum or if they do not know what rights they have in Germany. The counsellors at the Refugee Law Clinic are students who work together with lawyers and solicitors. We try to help people to better understand their life in Germany and to protect their rights.

Our advice is completely free of charge! There are no fees on our part at any time.

Here are some examples where we can help:

  • Preparation for hearing

  • Family reunification

  • Visa-related inquiries

  • Questions regarding toleration (Duldung)

  • Residence permit

  • Inquiries about residence permits

  • Dublin procedure

  • Issues with settlement permits

  • Consultation on work permits

  • Inquiries concerning asylum applications

  • Preparation for a court hearing

Below you will find out how a typical consultation works with us. If you have any further questions, simply contact us using the contact form!


Are you a refugee and need legal advice?

Then please feel free to contact us at any time via “Contact”! Of course you can also write us an email.

Typical consultation process


If a question or problem occurs:
If someone comes to Germany to seek protection or is already in the asylum process, many questions and problems can arise. These can be questions like: "Where will I live?", "Can my family come too?" or “How does the asylum application work?”.


Contact the RLCR:
In such situations, you can contact us, the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg. We help and support people in this situation. We have consultants in our team who are familiar with German asylum law.


Putting together a team:

As soon as we hear from you, we will put together a team of consultants. These advisors have knowledge about how the German asylum system works and what rights you have. They will take care of helping you.


Recording and discussion of the matter:

During the meeting with our advisory team you can explain your situation. You can tell us why you came to Germany, what your worries are and what you don't understand. Our advisors will listen to you carefully and write everything down in order to help you as best as possible.


Arrange a consultation appointment:

We will arrange an appointment for you to meet with our advisory team. You can then ask your questions in peace and talk about your problems. This meeting can take place in person, or we can also join together online.


Discussion of possible solutions:

After hearing your case, our advisors will think about how they can best help you. They will discuss various solutions and consider what steps you could take to improve your situation.


Solving the question or referring you to a lawyer:

Our advisors will do their best to answer your question or help you with your problem. Sometimes they can find a solution straight away. In other cases, they may recommend a lawyer who can provide even more specialized assistance. We will make sure you get the help you need.

What we don't offer!

Unfortunately, there are also some requests and problems for which we cannot offer help. On the one hand, this has to do with our capacity and, on the other hand, this is not possible for legal reasons.

  • Very tight deadlines and short-term requests

  • Legal representation

  • Questions about criminal law

In these cases, we strongly advise you to contact a specialist lawyer as quickly as possible.

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