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General Staff Meeting

Our general general meeting takes place once a year! Here we not only look back on a year of intensive work, but also focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead. The employee meeting is therefore an important part of our organization.

Statistics of the Year: Insights
A central part of our meeting is the presentation and detailed explanation of the previous year's statistical data. This includes the development of the number of cases but also that of employees. We not only provide insight into quantitative key figures, but also analyze qualitative aspects of our work. The statistics are not only used for documentation, but also for the continuous optimization of our work. We also explain our active projects and progress.

Election of the Management Board
According to our rules, an important part of the meeting is the election of the five members who will form the leadership council for the coming year. They play a crucial role in the organization by taking responsibility for organizational and administrative matters. The management council is elected freely and secretly by and from the employees of RLC Regensburg. Anyone from the RLC Regensburg can stand for this election.

The Christmas Party
Following the formal affairs, our Christmas party takes place with a great program and exciting activities. The Christmas party offers the opportunity for an informal exchange, to strengthen the sense of community and to reflect on the goals achieved together. Together we celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season and reflect on the last year.

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