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What we want to achieve
Our goal is to help in as many individual cases as possible and thus actively bring about positive integration. Refugees are often poorly informed about their rights during or after the asylum process. Particularly due to the language barrier - reinforced by the peculiarities of the German legal and official language - and due to limited financial resources, they often have no opportunity to obtain legal advice and legal information elsewhere. We are counteracting this. We work on a voluntary basis to ensure a fair trial for everyone. We explain to our clients the German legal situation that is unfamiliar to them on a case-by-case basis. In this way, we introduce refugees to our legal and value system and thus make an early contribution to integration. There is a particular demand for this in the current social situation.

You can support us financially in our project. The RLC has outgrown its infancy and is now in normal operation. However, we always want to improve our offering and increase our reach.

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How your donation can help
As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from business and the public. We use donations, for example, to finance our lectures and training courses as well as to reimburse travel costs for our consultants (e.g. to the Federal Office in Nuremberg, to conferences abroad, etc.). With your donation we can achieve a lot. To get to know us, find out more about our history.

We are already receiving significantly more inquiries from refugees and their carers than we can process. The need is huge and the RLC's work and training concept is designed to meet it. It is therefore always important to get students excited about volunteer work. This can be achieved in particular by organizing events. You can find information about our consulting concept here.

We also want to enable our employees to support refugees as efficiently as possible and to continue their personal training. For this purpose, we reimburse our employees for travel costs and participation fees if, for example, they accompany our clients to hearings or take part in training courses or workshops themselves. You can view our semester program with all events here.

Our largest donors to date are the Evangelical Church of Bavaria, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Studienstiftung. The RLC Regensburg was also awarded the “Aumüller Integration Prize 2017”.

How can I donate?

You can send us donations using the bank details provided above or via our donation form. Of course, you will receive a donation receipt for your donation upon request. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation or sponsorship.

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