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Here you will find an overview of our entire team. You can find an overview of the structure of our club and the RLC Regensburg in the organizational chart.

The Management Council


The tasks of the management council

The management council consists of five members, who are elected once a year at the general meeting. The management council meets once a month with a member of the specialist council, exchanges ideas and advises on current topics that affect the Refugee Law Clinic. The Leadership Council is also responsible for recruiting new members and raising awareness of the Refugee Law Clinic through information and introductory events. In addition, training courses, court hearings and other interesting lectures are regularly planned and carried out by the management council during the semester. The management board is responsible for the website, fundraising and press work.

The Specialist Council

Larissa Borkowski.jpg
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Nina Kerstensteiner.jfif

The tasks of the specialist council

The specialist council includes at least one fully qualified lawyer and other people who are professionally qualified to guide the activities. The majority of the specialist council members must have successfully passed at least one state law examination. The specialist council has the task of accompanying the advisory activities of the RLCR and providing professional support to its employees, in particular by guiding the selection of suitable cases and individual advisory activities.

Student Assistants /Employees

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The tasks of the student assistants

The student assistants (employed at the chair of Prof. Dr. Alexander Graser) take care of the administration of the RLC. Her tasks primarily include checking the mailbox, member and case management as well as supporting our file management program Redmine. If you have any questions about your membership, the newsletter or Redmine, they are the right people to contact, but they are also happy to answer any other problems.

The Board

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The tasks of the board

The board consists of three members and has the authority to represent the association in and out of court in accordance with Section 26 of the German Civil Code (BGB). The duties of the board include managing the day-to-day business of the association. The board is also responsible for ensuring that the association's activities are carried out within the scope of the association's purpose and the legal regulations, including those regarding non-profit status. The board is elected by the general meeting and has a term of office of two years. The term of office can be extended by re-election. If necessary, the board can also be supplemented during its term of office if a member leaves. Overall, the board is responsible for the management and the implementation of the association's purpose.

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