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On this page you can apply for membership in the association and the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg. After we receive your application, we will review it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time using the contact form!

Application Form

Declaration of cooperation

I hereby declare that I am willing to actively participate in the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg (RLCR). For this purpose, I apply for admission to the Legal Leverage Platform e.V. association as a simple member within the meaning of Section 5 in conjunction with Section 3 Paragraph 2 of the association's statutes. As an advisor to the RLCR, I undertake to carry out my tasks carefully in the interests of those I advise. For this purpose, the confidentiality of all information received in connection with the consultation is guaranteed to third parties. Such information will only be shared with other RLCR advisors and supervisors as well as the lawyers who cooperate with us. There is a duty of confidentiality towards all third parties.
I also declare that if there are any uncertainties, problems or unforeseen events during the consultation, I will immediately inform the RLCR supervisors and follow their advice.

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